Hello, World!


Well where to begin really? I guess I should start by introducing myself, I’m Richard (44). I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire with my two adopted sons J (14) and D (13).

52Richard family

This is us – Taken in December 2016

We became a family unit when me and my partner at the time (we separated in 2015) adopted the boys in December 2006. I will detail this process and my experiences more in a future post on The Blog.

We are currently in the last stages of our fostering assessment  with a view to go to panel at the beginning of April. Fingers crossed…

I had been thinking about writing a blog for a long time. When I was in the adoption process I know that having access to other peoples experiences and being able to ask questions would have been invaluable but the information was not there. Now I am a single Gay Dad going through fostering assessment and I still feel all this time on that there is not enough on the ground experience to gain from. Sure there are lots of websites aimed at and providing information for LGBT adopters and fosterer’s but I want to blog about the things that can only be learned from experience. I am That Gay Dad. So follow and join me on my journey as Dad, Foster Carer, Son, Friend and let’s see where the adventure takes us.

Thanks for reading.